Interim Management 

If you find yourself in a special project or in a situations such as:

  • decline in sales or troubleshooting with cash management
  • restructuring, reorganisation or restructuring of an entity 
  • short-term vacancy for a critical role in your management team

These limited management resources can create bottlenecks in a daily business on a short term notice. This is the time to seek for the support of an experienced interim manager.

Interim management is not (classical) consulting, but rather a temporary assistance for implementation of certain customer targets with clear success as the main objective.

As a result, the company and organisation remains flexible with no long-term liabilities. 

Digital Excellence Navigator

Digitization is much more than "just" a use of digital media, social media, top notch hardware and gadgets or getting to cut costs through automation.

It is a wave of change, a new revolution in society and the field of work, and it is leading to a unknown reality shock in many areas of our business and social life.

As such it is a topic that will keep us busy for the next several years.
Not to act or react is simply not an option.
With the Digital Excellence Navigator ® methodology, we can quickly and efficiently create a practice-oriented agenda and re-gain orientation on your way to the digital future.

e-Learning - LMS

We can support you in the design and implementation of your digital learning systems (Learning Management System or LMS) or we can offer a quick solution (setup of your own LMS instance within 3 working days) as an outsourcing partner (based on the TalentLMS Cloud LMS).

We are sales and affiliate partners of the following LMS providers:

TalentLMS by Epignosis  |  global top player - Greece EU 
QuoFox  |  Germany EU  |  Germany EU
LplusL  |  Austria EU

Our e-Learning Platform is based on TalentLMS